Black Halo

Black Halo is designed to summon natural inner beauty and confidence that is both liberating and empowering to women when worn. From structured pencil dresses that read more vamp than traditional, to modern draping with Madam Gres roots, designer Laurel Berman fuses rebel with romance to create a collection at once both edgy and feminine.

Black Halo’s core aesthetic stems from simple principles of construction and form. The result is a look of glamour without pretense, which has made the collection a long-standing favorite among celebrities.

Since its launch in 2002, Black Halo has expanded from its Los Angeles roots to become an internationally renowned brand.

Despite such wide distribution, the business remains vertically integrated in Los Angeles, a conscious decision by both Berman and Black Halo Partner Sean Pattison to ensure each garment meets the brand’s highest standard of quality. From its Arts District factory to the recently-expanded showroom in downtown’s Garment District, Black Halo epitomizes “Made in L.A.”

True to its name, Black Halo finds inspiration in the beauty of contradiction.

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